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    Can you find who in the world is making use of your media production without paying appropriate royalties?

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    Do you know that more than 50% of software users do not abide by the software copyrights!

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    Do you have an idea who is using your soundtrack, music or songs ?

About us

about us

The team

On average you are losing 3/5 of your potential revenue to uncollected royalty fees, when your copyrights are not enforced.

You might have thought that enforcing the rules is too much time consuming, too costly or even impossible .... But for a dedicated and experienced team it is not the case.

We offer several type of services, for copyright holders aswell as for user submitted websites that wish to have a high copyright compliance.


Books, Articles & Images

Thousands of sites bluntly copy articles, paragraphs and images without neither attribution nor paying any kind of royalties.

Our team will find those copying your work and get them to pay fees or remove the content, or even give attribution.

Software & Online services

The majority of users do not know exactly the limits of the license granted to them, and many do break their agreements.

Our team will find those not respecting the licensing agreement, and provide them with rectification offers that will generate an additional cash flow stream for your business.

Video & Audio

Eventhough the movie and music industry have been very effective in decreasing illegal downloads and usage, small audio and video production are still suffering from very high level of illegal use, including mixing, using as sound tracks, dubbing, etc.

Our team will make sure you will get paid for the use of your video or audio productions, by offering the copyright infriger several option ranging from attribution to royalties or even deletion.